Creating a Digital Health Nexus Point

Our strategy is to create the Digital Health Collaborative (DHC), working with other partners, as the innovation hub and makers space for digital health and IoT markets. The logic of locating such a facility in Beaverton stems for this region’s unique geographic position including close proximity to light rail, OHSU, Welch Allyn, BIOTRONIK, Nike and Intel. The location leverages Beaverton’s long history of supporting the microelectronics and software industries–key ingredients for successful digital health collaborations. The DHC would offer the following resources/services:

  • Industry and technical mentoring
  • Specialized equipment
  • Limited office space/conference rooms
  • Testing center (phones, handhelds, development software, etc.)
  • Technology education programs
  • Events and hosting space
  • Access to server/cloud services
  • Video conferencing
  • Prototyping tools (3D printers, etc.)

Our goal, and a key measure of success, will be our ability to attract the support of more established healthcare and technology companies. As an industry-driven collaborative, its impact will depend on the industry support it can generate. 


Benefits of the Region

In the 70’s and 80’s Beaverton was synonymous with technology innovation (Tektronix, Floating Point, etc.). The HDC has the potential to revive this history and become the nexus point for “Internet of Medical Things” companies in Oregon. By leveraging and capitalizing on this, the DHC can generate the following regional benefits:

  • Networking opportunities for technology leaders
  • Partnering discussions with health system partners
  • Expanded learning opportunities
  • Act as technology hub to link partners and sponsors
  • Support local digital health leaders (Welch Allyn, TE Connectivity, Biotronik, etc.)
  • Exposure to largest technology companies (Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, Google, etc.)
  • Generate significant economic development and PR for region
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